Mortscript 4.1

Launch applications using this scripting tool


  • Editing options
  • Built-in help system


  • Too complex for newbies


It used to be the case that only scientific types with huge glasses and lab coats would ever develop computer applications. These days though, more and more of us are getting into development in a big way.

This has largely been due to the increased availability of easy-to-use development tools. Now you can even create apps and databases on your mobile device or phone thanks to software such as MortScript. This program differs a little from many of its peers in that its focus is more on remote control or launching other applications rather than developing new ones from scratch.

If you're new to coding then I wouldn't bother with this one because the application doesn't have much in the way of a GUI. As a result, you don't get any help creating scripts, rather than just a simple editor for entering code.

The program interprets a simple batch language, rather like .bat files in DOS. It's neat enough and boasts a few editing options and a decent Help system.

As I said though, if you're new to the development game, MortScript will probably be no use to you.

MortScript interprets a (quite) simple batch language. If you know .bat files in DOS or shell scripts: it's something like that. Its focus is to remote control or launch other applications, not to write real applications. I.e., you can't do complex dialogs or graphics with it.

It's more an hacker tool without a nifty interface, you have to write your scripts with any text editor. For beginners, this might be a bit too complicated. However, it's still far more easy to use than e.g. C++.



Mortscript 4.1

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